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Rum Inspector

Pineapple/Ananas masquerade gown

While ago - last year - I asked your advice for bumrolls... I am very grateful of your advice and hope you like the results :)
Here's the reason why I needed one: Pineapple gown for 18th Century masquerade ball!


The inspiration to this dress came from a line in the book Lieutenant Hornblower by C.S. Forester, set in turn of the 18th/19th century West Indies, the main character is so excited about this exotic fruit :))

Pineapple smocked yellow over dress lightweight cotton, underskirt green cotton.

Bodice is quite pineapply fabric too, pique wowen (only suitable yellow they had in October :P) cotton/elastane. Not 100% accurate for that matter, but lucky for me because I've put on weight and that elastane gave just enough ease for the bodice not to tear as I move.

Golden beads on the ruffles.

Mask base was "mardi gras" mask, which I then covered with yellow lace, and painted black feathers green.


Underneath I have sheer shift, half-boned stays, and a rather big bumroll.

I think it did give quite a pineapply shape:

Also designed and embroidered the stomacher, found in my dA gallery:

Pineapply stomacher
by ~rum-inspector on deviantART

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I love everything about this. Well done!
Thank you :)
Awesome! The embroidery is fantastic!
Thank you :) Embroidering was surprisingly relaxing
That is fabulous!!!
The feathers on your head, and the smocking are the perfect touches!
Thank you :) It was my first time smocking, will use it again, such a nice texture
Fantastical! I love it, and am so impressed by your imagination in coming up with it.
Hee sometimes silly ideas work out :D
That is a brilliant gown. You must find a way to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras sometime.
Thank you :) Oh I wish to visit someday!
What a funny idea, its wonderfull!

Thank you :D
What a fun costume! The most elegant pineapple I have eveer seen!
Thank you :D
I didn't just put you on deviantArt watch, did I? Would you mind me friending you over here as well?
Yes, you did. ANd of course! :)