isiswardrobe (isiswardrobe) wrote in panniers,

On 18th century cosmetics

Perhaps I can interest those of you who are interested in 18th century beauty with a little project of mine. I have had a special interest for the subject for many years and hold a lecture on it from time to time. But reading up on a subject is one thing; it is not quite the same as trying your hand on it. So I have slowly started to go through beauty recipes from the period, analyzing the ingredients and making those recipes that is possible to make. For example, white face paint was made by a number of different white pigments, with different result. It is also easy to see that not all 18th century beauty products were harmful. Apart from some very dangerous pigments made of lead and mercury, most ingredients are not only safe, but often used in modern cosmetics.

If you are interested you can follow my experiments on isiswardrobe or at blogger: In my LJ those posts are mixed up with costume posts and on blogger you only get the beauty posts.

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