On 18th century cosmetics

Perhaps I can interest those of you who are interested in 18th century beauty with a little project of mine. I have had a special interest for the subject for many years and hold a lecture on it from time to time. But reading up on a subject is one thing; it is not quite the same as trying your hand on it. So I have slowly started to go through beauty recipes from the period, analyzing the ingredients and making those recipes that is possible to make. For example, white face paint was made by a number of different white pigments, with different result. It is also easy to see that not all 18th century beauty products were harmful. Apart from some very dangerous pigments made of lead and mercury, most ingredients are not only safe, but often used in modern cosmetics.

If you are interested you can follow my experiments on isiswardrobe or at blogger: In my LJ those posts are mixed up with costume posts and on blogger you only get the beauty posts.


A plea for powdered hair

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To change the colour of the hair with the help of powder wasn’t something invented inthe 18th century, but it was then it reached heights never seen before. The shiny fancy dress white wigs that many connect with the 18th century is an invention of the 19th century and when the silent movie came along, they adopted it. White wigs looks so much better in black and white than a real powdered hair would. Because a powdered hair doesn’t really look stark white. White powder on coloured hair gets various shades of grey.

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The new website has aired!!!

The new La Rose Couture website has aired!!
Availble in Dutch as well as English, change by clicking on the flag.

I offer clothing for Ladies and Gentlemen in the following styles:
-Bridal and Groom wear

I also have a Dutch webshop and for the other countries a DaWanda and Etsy shop!

Feel free to use the contactform or mail me directly at for your questions and order!, spread the word ;)

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katexxxxxx and I recently made a couple of Justeaucorps, inspired by Diderot, as sample garments.  We used a quality upholstery brocade for one, and a lovely Navy wool doeskin with a great drape for the other.  We are rather proud of them.  We showed them off at an IC Fashion shoot at Maelstrom LARP.  Thanks to the wonderful Al of for the action shot.

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They are available in our Etsy shop along with various reticules and acessories which would make great Xmas pressies.

If you want to see more 18th Centruy eyecandy we did a big fashion shoot featuring various 18th Centuyry gowns, including my dress inspired by the Blue Madame De Pompadour dress on our  website.  We currently have one bespoke slot open before Xmas.

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Men's Suit

This is light-weight navy blue wool (sorry for the flash making everything too light), lining is natural white cotton, raw wool inside some parts for stiffening (for buttonholes, pockets etc.) Buttons are metal in the coat and breeches, for the waistcoat they are coated plastic ones. Button holes are all hand sewn. The inside seams are machine sewn, but over stitching is done by hand. Machine thread was polyester, but cotton for the buttonholes..

Made with this Finnish dress in mind, which is very close to the Royal Navy Midshipman 1748-1758 pattern

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Laduree sweets

pattern for an 18th-century court gown

I've decided this may be the year that I finally go as the ghost of Marie Antoinette for Halloween. I'm starting to look around for a court gown pattern & know the people on here will have some leads. So far, the best-looking prospect I've found is the sacque gown from Reconstructing History with the sides expanded to fit the Royal Court Hoopskirts from Cinderella's Closet, which measure 45 inches across. I'm no great tailor, & I'll be going more for drama than for authenticity, so I consider the mainline patterns- Butterick's & Simplicity & such- but their patterns seem like they require more fiddling to expand to the proper hip width. Any tips?